My grandmother passed away at about 3 am today. I feel so bad because my dad was leaving today to go see her but now he won’t have the chance.

That thought alone is making me cry. I love my daddy and I feel so bad for him.


Treated myself today!

Did level one of Hard Body.

I want to vom.

Worth it!


My Trainer / Training Session

So, since it was my first training session yesterday she had to get my basic information as well as my BMI, weight and blood pressure.

Weight: 154.2
BMI: 23.9
BP: I don’t remember :)

She said that 23.9 isn’t really that bad and based on the system they used I am in the Ideal category but hovering just over the Fair line. She said a BMI of 20 would be good for me so that is our first goal!

I like the idea of setting goals throughout the series.

After that we got to work.

We started with basic air squats and push ups. After, she had me do squats with an overhead press at 10lb. The difference between this and the warm up was of course the weight but also she wanted me to get much much lower than a normal squat. I am definitely feeling that one today!

After she wanted to move to lunges but my legs weren’t quite ready for that. My quads were kind of spazing out so we went to arms.

We did triceps and biceps. I know how to do those already but she helped me with my form and suggested bending my knees slightly to engage my core (I sound so professional). It definitely made a difference as well as making them a little harder.

After that we headed back to finish those lunges.

Next, she had me do up-and-over box jumps on an aerobics step. She had me do two sets for 60 seconds. Now, I have been running but my heart was pounding! After the second set I had to take a break and sit for a minute.

The thing I like best about her is that she is encouraging and motivational. When I was about to pass out I said, “wow, I am out of shape!”

She said, “no way! I had you on two stacks for those up-and-overs…most people have to start at one or none and you did both sets!”

Now, I don’t know if she was lying to what but that made me feel like not so much of a bum.

We also discussed my half marathon in May. I said that I seriously half-assed the last one and I would like to get my time down to around 1:50.00. She said that a lot of what she does is for runners looking to strengthen their legs and improve their running. She said that that can be another goal to set for myself!

We did some more work outs and stretched then I hobbled to my car. After, I got an hour massage that was unbelievable. I am so sore today but it feels great! I haven’t felt like this in a very long time. I was worried it would be a waste of money but I think I found the right trainer for me.

I have another session planned for Thursday! Woo!



10 things i hate about you

This movie was key in my adolescence.

Reblogged from Wonderland

snapthistiger asked: you doing ok?

Much better! It turned into a bit of a cold so I’m still a little stuffy but I’m surviving.

I used a gift card and got a full body massage today and I think it’s just what the doctor ordered!




I need to get to work but this snow is ruining that.


Day four of feeling awful good news bad news…

Good news is I don’t feel sick to my stomach anymore. Bad news is that’s because I stopped taking my medicine and I’ll probably get sick again.

Good news is I’ve lost 6lbs! Bad news is that’s because I haven’t been able to eat for four day.

Good news I’m up and moving around. Bad news is I get winded walking up the stairs and break into a cough only an 80-year-old man who smoked his whole life could match.

Okay, I am over being sick. Missing work was fun but this can be done now!


Not to mention I missed an entire week of training.

Forget this!